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Welcome to Legendary Logcrafters!
image744545 !Thanks you for taking the time to visit our new website.  We are still adding and editing content so visit us often to see what's new.
Legendary Logcrafters is one of the most innovative handcrafted log home producers in the industry.  We carry an extensive range of log profiles and products to suit your style and budget. 
We offer a variety of handcrafted log home packages from “log shell only”, to our famous Kwik-Kit “dry in” package, which utilizes our Synergy roof panels.  Our products are assembled by our skilled installers in a matter of days. 
The combination of award winning log home designs, massive white pine logs, and the precision given by our dedicated craftsmen, are what make our homes stand out.  Our goal is to build the best handcrafted log and timber structures, however, equally important, is complete customer satisfaction.  MORE ...

Gallery of Beautifull Eco Friendly Green Vilage Home Interior Design

Wooden-Chairs-With-Rounded-Backrest-And-Wooden-TableThere are 21 photographs in total in the gallery of Beautiful Eco Friendly Green Village Home Interior Design beside the above traditional wooden green village house built among green plants photograph, such as : Wooden Shelf With Grey Stone Washbowl, Wooden Bench With White Sofa Lather Overlooking Green Environment, Wooden Kitchen Table With Grey Surface And Modern Stove, Copper Washbowl With Curved Tap On Wooden Table, Oval Copper Bathtub On Wooden Floor Overlooking Green Outside View, as well as 16 other photographs. Click on the gallery thumbnails below to look the other fascinating photos. MORE


Wooden Houses - Rom in Focus: Grea Rooms

log-home-great-room-2Building your new log home can be an exciting experience, especially if you’re ready to embark on the first phase from dream to reality: designing it. Planning the look and layout is what building a custom home is all about. Of course, log homes have special considerations, but generally the process unfolds the same as for any home.
As you assemble the notes and photos you’ve gathered over the months or even years to incorporate into your design, you will be giving thought to the rooms and their relationship to each other. A major decision affecting these two aspects in whether you want a floor plan that is open or compartmentalized. A compartmentalized plan features partition walls to separate individual rooms. An open plan lets rooms look and flow into each other. MORE


Tips for Open Layouts

534334Open layouts are a popular feature of log homes. These layouts are a challenge for people who have little or no experience with them. Here are some tips to make the most of your open layout.
Readers of a certain age — or anyone who relishes vintage television shows — will recall the sight of the star of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” tripping over his living room ottoman during the opening credits. It is priceless comedy but, from an interior design standpoint, a fatal flow flaw: an otherwise spacious room sabotaged.
Unless you plan to install a camera and start streaming your own domestic hilarity, you’ll likely want to avoid similar faux pas that surprise and pester many a new log-home owner. That includes people who thought they had planned out the floor plan and furnishings placement to perfection. Ah, but those log home plans are often done strictly two-dimensionally, and therein lies the first flow flaw. Remember, you will be living three-dimensionally. MORE



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